We take the safety of the members very serious.

Welcome to the party! We are so grateful to have you as a member of our lifestyle group. We do our best to cater to our members’ wants/needs and make sure that everyone leaves satisfied. Ensuring that our guests at the party house are safe and comfortable is our first priority. For that reason, please review the party rules below before the party.

We have multiple venues and travel fun

-Being that this is a lifestyle event, CONSENT is of the utmost importance. All members participating in play must communicate and be in agreement. A ticket does not guarantee you access to every attendee of the party. This party is a gathering of like-minded, sexy individuals, not an escort service.

-You may say NO at any point to any person. It is your job to express your limits and desires to your play partners. Respectfully, you are to observe other members right to decline or say no.

-It is important to be polite and not be pushy. If a member(s) has told you no, respect that. Do not continue to approach them and harass them. Inversely, please be polite when rejecting play. There is no need to be rude. We are all there to have fun.

-Discuss boundaries with all your play partners. It is important to know a person’s limitations when entering into sexual acts. Inevitably, there are people that will have lower/higher thresholds than yours. Respect other members’ boundaries and your own to ensure a pleasurable outcome.

-There will be varying levels of experience/boundaries among the attendees of the party. There will also be different fantasies that members are seeking to fulfill. Please do not openly judge people. This is an all-inclusive environment. We support all legal/safe forms of kink!

-The types of kink prohibited in the party house are: pedophilia, beastiality, scat, and any other unsafe/dangerous acts.

-The party is for ages 21 and over. No one under the age of 21 will be permitted, due to the presence of alcohol.

-Protection (i.e. condoms) are highly recommended. Be sure to bring your own.  Your play partners may require a certain brand/material and may ask you to use theirs during play. If you are interested in unprotected sex, it is permitted, however, all member involved must consent.

-It is always ok to just watch. To people new to the lifestyle, it may take some time to get comfortable. We have all been there! Take your time; it is perfectly fine to just watch the fun going on. Our hope is that you will feel comfortable enough to fulfill your desires.

-Discretion is important to all members and to be respected. Please do not video or photograph without consent. The house is within a gated community, so please be discreet when coming and going.

-The party is BYOB. There will be no smoking or drugs permitted on the premises. This includes outdoors and in the shuttle. Anyone who is visibly intoxicated will not permitted into the party.

-Please dress appropriate for public when outside the party house. You will be shuttled from a public location and the party house has outside decking visible to the neighbors. Please be appropriately covered when exiting the party house. All attire, or lack thereof, is permitted within the house.

-Everyone that attends the party is very professional and vetted. So it should be unnecessary to emphasize hygiene. However, just keep in mind the importance of being well groomed and freshly showered.

-We, the owners, are OBSESSIVE about cleanliness. We clean and sanitize everything in the house. We have made sure every surface that has the potential to come into contact with fluids and/or skin is wipeable or washable. It is very important that you wipe down all equipment after using it. Cleaning products and fresh linens can be found in every room. We also highly recommend cleaning before and after play to ensure a safe play environment.

-Please respect our home. We love providing a fun and safe play environment for all of our members. Please show us respect by disposing of all condoms, paper towels, cups, bottles, etc. in trash cans. Do your best to leave each room as clean as you found it. And of course, please no destruction of property.

-Although we love throwing wild, sexy, fun parties, we do like to keep the noise level to a minimum. It is important to be respectful to our neighbors. We will have music, but it will not be blaring. If you use the decking, please keep all conversations to a low noise level. Just a reminder, to use the decks you must be fully clothed and smoking is not permitted.

-The shuttle hours from the meeting/parking location to the house are 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Shuttling back to your vehicle will be provided at set times. Let a member know when you are ready to leave the party and our shuttle will return you to your vehicle promptly.

-There are several hotels located near the meeting/parking location. We can provide you with the addresses and phone numbers if you are interested in booking a room.

-There are numerous restaurants near the meeting/parking location. We recommend eating before the party. We will provide some non-alcoholic drinks and some light snacks.

-Although it is not required, we hope that you will follow the theme of the party. Feel free to dress in what makes you feel the most comfortable and sexy, but it is always fun to participate in the theme.

-Our #1 rule: HAVE FUN! This is a relaxed, stress free environment. Everyone is here to have fun and fulfill fantasies without judgement, so leave your inhibitions at the door. Once you start socializing you will see how welcoming the community is. Please feel free to ask staff to introduce you to some of our members.

***If you have an issue with any of the above rules or witness/experience another member not adhering to them, please find a staff member to assist you. Not adhering to particular rules will be grounds for dismissal from the party (i.e. Consent, visible/belligerent intoxication, damage of property).


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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