Welcome to the party! We are so grateful to have you as a member of our lifestyle group. We do our best to cater to our members’ wants/needs and make sure that everyone leaves satisfied. Ensuring that our guests at the party house are safe and comfortable is our first priority. For that reason, please review the party rules below before the party.

A detailed list of lifestyle rules and our club rules are above. Click the PARTY RULES button.

***If you have an issue with any of the above rules or witness/experience another member not adhering to them, please find a staff member to assist you. Not adhering to particular rules will be grounds for dismissal from the party (i.e. Consent, visible/belligerent intoxication, damage of property).

All event guests must apply to the event to get approved and placed on the guest list. Complete the EVENT APPLICATION above and we will verify identify, membership and age. We will then send you a pass for the event you applied for. 

Applicants will have to verify membership, selfie and ID. This essential to providing a safe and discreet event for the members. 

Do not wait to apply on the event day. Events sell out well before the event date.

Here is a lot of information and details about what a event is, what is allowed, and what happens. If this doesn’t answer your questions then please contact us personally. 


We can not keep all the venues without all the members support. Come out and enjoy fun at the events or please donate to keep the venues open. Without your help there will no place to hold events.


We take pride in locating and securing the most upscale and sexy venues for our members. We also work hard to keep the venues discreet and protected, Our venues and sponsored venues are the locations that we hold our events. 

We have individuals attempting to confusing event goers. We will not be at the following locations. SEXY ESCAPES, SWING SOCIAL, STUDIO 69, KIM SWALLOWS and SHADOWS.

We do support lifestyle venues and organizers who care and provide for lifestyle members around the globe.



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Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions asked by our clients and answered by the SeventhQueen team. Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum


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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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